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hello all.

so i joined this comm awhile back and was going thru my profile and saw it again.

i dont hate bam, i think i joined to comment on a post.

anyway, i was just wondering WHY you hate him so much? okay, i get that he "stole" the heartagram or whatever, and "steals" a lot of HIM stuff... but... uh.. he's just a fan of HIM. and friends with the band. hes never claimed those things as his own design. whenever theyre mentioned he is plugging the band. IMO he is just giving them good publicity. this comm should be about annoying girls who don't know the difference!

maybe its because i've never seen/met a preteen with a HIM shirt thinking it = bam. everyone i know that likes bam also likes HIM and they don't mind. its an equal love i guess?

annoying fans will always be there, no matter what its for! so is this the only reason why you hate bam? is this just someone to blame because you can't punch a preteen and youll never meet bam to punch him? :P
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