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hello all.

so i joined this comm awhile back and was going thru my profile and saw it again.

i dont hate bam, i think i joined to comment on a post.

anyway, i was just wondering WHY you hate him so much? okay, i get that he "stole" the heartagram or whatever, and "steals" a lot of HIM stuff... but... uh.. he's just a fan of HIM. and friends with the band. hes never claimed those things as his own design. whenever theyre mentioned he is plugging the band. IMO he is just giving them good publicity. this comm should be about annoying girls who don't know the difference!

maybe its because i've never seen/met a preteen with a HIM shirt thinking it = bam. everyone i know that likes bam also likes HIM and they don't mind. its an equal love i guess?

annoying fans will always be there, no matter what its for! so is this the only reason why you hate bam? is this just someone to blame because you can't punch a preteen and youll never meet bam to punch him? :P
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where i get lost is how they make that mistake. aside from his stakeboard and tshirt, i never see them together. i might just be out of the loop, though.

anyway, thanks for responding :D
Speaking as someone who's not a pre-teen (I'm in my 30s) I can honestly say that when he got 'involved' with HIM they began to spiral down-wards.

I have been a HIM fan for about 9ish years now. They used to be dripping with amazing music, now, unfortunately they are mediocre. I still love them because of the music and the passion they used to expel but I haven't listened to HIM as much as I used to in the past few years because, compared to what they were, they're mediocre now, no amount of publicity can alter that, unfortunately.

Perhaps it's not all Bam's fault but it was when he got involved that their music began to change therefore making him someone a true HIm fan'll despise.

That's my 25cents anyhow *shrugs* thats how I feel.
That's all.
Oh, actually that's not all. I despise any fan who pretends to like someone's music because someone else is promiting it with their gear (in this case via Bam's deck, etc.) I'm sure that a lot of Bam-fans like HIM just 'cuz he wears the heart-a-gram, and that's a pathetic reason (obviously done by people with half a brain cell) to like someone/something.

Yah, now I'm done.
yeah, that goes without saying for anything. if someone is pretending to like a band or show or movie because of someone else... thats lame. but i dunno, i guess i dont see him trying to promote that. more like "damn this band = the shit and everyone should know!"

thanks for responding :D
I pretty much loathe him because of his attitude. I have met him in real life up at Burnside in Portland, OR. and he was nothing but a fucking jerk, even to the younger kids who were probably twelve and younger. Some idol or hero to look up to. Not to mention I don't like how he treats women. We are either bitches to him or just someone to fuck, he needs to learn some respect for his fellow humans and animals alike. He is not funny, he is just plain out rude and obnoxius, IMHO.

It isn't just the preteens I dislike, it's the fact his fans only like HIM because he is promoting them, wearing the Heartagram and never shuts the fuck up. Yes, it was only time until HIM came into the 'mainstream' like in America, but that doesn't mean Bam had to seemingly force it. I mean, take a look at Dark Light, have you by chance listened to any of HIMs older recordings, like GLS vol. 666? Compare that to Dark Light and you'll notice a huge change, and not a good change, in my opinion. Up until the time Bam started coming along and pushing the entire HIM in America, let's get them the spotlight, blah blah blah, they had beautifully written lyrics, amazing musicianary, and stunning vocals. Now after hearing Dark Light, um it sounds like everyone else out there. I will always worship HIM, but that does not mean I have to like their new music. I blame him a lot, but I also do blame Ville and the guys. I mean no one can force you to do what they did, people always have a choice, but you can have an influencer.
ah see, i am not a HIM fan. their music is okay, just not my cup of tea.

i see your point that their music ended up being worse and worse with each record, and bam probably did help that along with his pushing. but, im sure if they got big another way it wouldve happened. so yeah, thats lame. maybe theyll die down and then come back to their first audience with something even better?

anyway, i dont get the hero worship either with bam. i dont really understand why younger kids like him, except he is decent looking. i listen to his radio show, and he sounds like he puts on a jerk act, but might be nice. but since you said he is a dick irl, who knows!

thanks for responding :D
No worries ;) Always in the mood for a good debate. It's not lame, it may be to you, but if you're not a HIM fan how can you truly understand? And I don't know whether Bam is a good or bad guy, I met him, he was an ass, that's all I know. He could be completely different, but that experince was enough for me. Anyway, thanks for enlightenment, heh.
from listening to his radio show, it seems like he puts on an act a lot. but it also seems like he is calming down and possibly, dare i say it, growing up. hehe. then again, he looks like hes high all the time, with his bags under his eyes. but i feel for him on that, cause i have the same problem.

i think all celebs get cocky and are jerks from time to time.

this is a good discussion/debate
*Nods* I think that is true of everyone, not just celebs. But even when they're not celecs, they annoy me with attitudes, lol. His personality just pisses me off, if indeed it is not an act. Either way, I don't care who it is, women are not all bitches and just how refers to us as, I want to smack him. But this isn't just because he is Bam, I'd want to smack anyone for speaking that way, and I actually have. When I was watching him on Carsons show, the one where The 69 Eyes were performing, he seemed mellowed out and very well spoken to be honest with you. Yes, I realize I'll probably get a shit load of "how dare you say anything nice" but oh well. But other than that, I am pissed off at HIM too. I can blame him, but as I said I must as well blame the guys from HIM, because I sincerely doubt Bam held a gun to Villes head and made him write the album dark light ;)
haha, i like you. and yeah, getting called bitches is lame. it doesnt really bother me unless the guy is seriously calling me one to my face, then it hurts. i just see it as a tough guy act. oh well, hes getting older. he cant always be that way!
I just find it insulting, in any manner. Because I am not by any means a female dog, lol. And I even dislike it when the dog shows call the females bitches, it just annoys me, lol! Indeed, he is getting older, hopefully he will start acting more like it and grow up and not be an annoying little twat. And I like you too, you present yourself very well, you're well spoken and raise good points. I've found that to be rare with anyone I have spoken to, rather it be online or in person. Take care!

There are some people who like Bam and think he's "oh so hot" and don't even know who HIM is. That's a big thing with me. Drives me absolutely insane!
Plus, I've also seen bits of his show, and I watched his dad on Celebrity Fit Club 2...he treats his parents like crap...definately NOT commendable.