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antibam's Journal

Anti Bam Margera Community
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The Anti Bam Community.

Well all of us including myself, Mikehaloabovemyhead, Pat __razorblade, Kat_vorona and Coreyj00b are big HIM fans. This whole controversy between Bam and HIM has got us all sick. First off, HIM did not rip off the Heartagram symbol, nor the BAM with the strikethrough(BAM) symbol. Ville Valo and the rest of HIM were responsible for those, not BAM.

The Heartagram and HIM are owned by HIM, and created by them before Bam, Bam just is overly obsessed and had to join in with HIM and gain permission to use both logos because he is rich, and can do that.

Well, we're sick of this. Girls wearing BAM shirts, claiming to know HIM, and the heartagram, and accusing HIM of ripping off Bam. Bam is a Ville wannabe. Bams even got a new skateboard layout with HIMs text on it. Its enough, screw Bam and his money. HIM will always be above Bam. So if ya hate Bam, join us.

We're all tired of the heartagram being said to be "Bam's Symbol." This has been a really big occurance ever since his Viva La Gay show came out, since HIM stuff is constantly featured in it. His quotes are on the american version of "Razorblade Romance," hes overcommercializing HIM. So fuck him.

1.) If you do join the community, its to hate BAM. Do not join and start complaining about us, or HIM, and saying BAM is cool, hot, blah, etc.

2.) Do what you please, no fighting/disrespect among other members or you will be banned.

3.) You must hate BAM.

Listen, this is an Anti-Bam community. Don't like it? Too fucking bad, don't come in here and bitch to us on why we shouldn't have this community, this is our choice, and our opinions.. don't want us to hate Bam? Too bad.

Blah Blah, the point is BAM SUCKS.

Your maintainers,

Mike (haloabovemyhead)
Pat (__razorblade)
Kat (_vorona)
Corey (j00b)

HIM Community (_him_)

don't join to come and complain about this community, you'll be banned.
don't like that we don't like bam, tough shit.